Treatment Progress Update of our Alzheimer’s Disease Patient Mrs Mrunalini Gadkari

Hello everyone,

Mrs Gadkari’s follow-up was taken on 25th April 2022. Her blood ketones & blood glucose was 2.4 and 74mg/ respectively. This excellent and consistent control of the blood sugar and high ketones have resulted in very good reversal of her Alzheimer’s disease.
This means that her brain, heart and muscle are using ketones as fuel, which as all know gives 50% more energy than glucose in addition to many other booster effects on the brain in particular and also the entire body.
She had attended a few marriage ceremonies this month where she was very confident and could remember and communicate with all the guests . All were amazed at this wonderful change . 
This positive change in her is a result of her determination and consistency in following our treatment and guidance. 
Patients diagnosed with neurodegenerative diseases can experience radical improvement in their condition by staying on track and religiously following our guidance.
Always remember consistency is the key!