Alzheimer’s Disease Patient Mrunalini Gadkari’s Testimonial Video

We are glad to share with you all our Alzheimer’s disease patient Mrs. Mrunalini Gadkari and her caregiver’s testimonial videos.

Mrs. Gadkari is a 65 years old woman who had intermittent memory lapses since the last few years and they became evident to her family in August 2019 when she was visiting her son in Canada.

She had come to us with a host of problems, like forgetfulness, inability to perform household and shopping chores.  She had also lost confidence and was progressively becoming dependent. 
However, today after being on our treatment and altering her lifestyle under our guidance, she has improved and is more confident. She can perform the household chores on her own and even goes out for a walk on her own. She has fair improvement in her memory.

From the caregivers point of view:
Before starting the treatment with us for Alzheimer’s, the husband said that she could barely perform any activity, was very low on energy and was not interested to engage in social gatherings. 
Now after being on treatment for approximately 3 years, he has noticed quite a lot of positive changes in her overall behaviour along with improvement in memory. Her energy levels have increased. She is highly motivated to perform all activities. She enjoys going for a walk and meeting new people. She is quite confident. She also plays brain-storming games which were advised by our team. 

Note: There are few details shared in this video related to diet, keto MCT oil which are strictly relevant only to that particular patient. Please do not change anything in your routine without informing and discussing with us.