Keto Almond Bread Loaf

Our Keto Chef Saritha has come up with new delicious recipe- Keto Almond Bread Loaf.

Recipe ingredients are given by Dietician as per our patient’s calculation which are as follows:-
A 65 yrs old man who is on 2300 Kcal and 3:1 keto ratio.

Ingredients of Keto Almond Bread Loaf (per meal)

Krunchy Nutz almond flour- 23 g

Egg- 108 g

Baking powder- 1 g

Butter- 60 g

Psyllium husk powder- 1/2-1 tsp

Flavoring for the bread – garlic, finely chopped, chillies , minced parsley, celery finely chopped , any dried herbs of your choice. These are just to enhance taste.

Above recipe should give 3 slices of bread.
Note:-*Saritha made the loaf by increasing the quantities x 3*
Loaf pan dimensions – 7.5 inches x 3.5 inches

Here are the ingredients for the Keto Almond loaf bread

Method of preparation as follows:-

1. Sifter – you can use any type of sifter. The dry ingredients need to be mixed together by sifting, or use a fork/ whisk to mix everything well. There should be no lumps in the dry mixture.

2. Hand beater – required to beat the egg whites and egg yolks. Please separate the egg whites and yolks carefully. No egg yolk must be in the egg whites as it will not beat up fluffy as required to get a good texture in the bread. Use a clean dry bowl to beat the egg whites.

3.This is how you will beat the egg whites

4.Keep beating the egg whites – we are trying to achieve stiff peaks

5.Almost there , see the consistency of the egg whites

6.This is how fluffy the egg whites should be. Set aside

7.See how the egg yolks are getting emulsified.

8.Once the egg yolks are thick and creamy, start adding slowly the melted butter

9. Once the yolks and butter are well mixed, start adding the dry ingredients – sifted almond flour, baking powder and salt. Add 2-3 tsps of psyllium husk powder at this stage

10.Start mixing using your hand mixer

11. When the egg yolk and butter mixture ingredients are well mixed together, we start adding the stiffly beaten egg whites slowly

12.Fold the egg white into the mix, using a folding movement. The aim is to avoid deflating the air in the beaten egg whites

13. Fold in more of the egg whites gently. Mix the entire egg white into the yolk and flour mixture. Do this gently using a spatula.

14. Add the egg whites in 3 batches. When you add the final batch, add the herbs you will be using.

15. Continue to fold the egg whites and herbs gently. The key is to not deflate the mixture.

16.This is how the almond flour batter should look.

17. Carefully pour the batter into a well-greased loaf tin, be sure to line the bottom of the tin with baking parchment paper.This is the loaf tin with the batter

18. Before starting to incorporate the egg whites, pre heat your oven to 170 degrees.This is the setting you will use on your OTG (oven).

19. Place the tin inside and set the timer for 30 -40 minutes. Every OTG behaves differently, do check the loaf for doneness from about 30 minutes onwards.

20.This is how the loaf should look when almost ready.

21. To check if the loaf is baked, insert a wooden skewer- it should come out clean , with just a couple of crumbs maybe sticking to it.  This is how the wooden skewer should look- clean with just a couple of crumbs sticking to it.

22. Loosen the loaf from the sides of the loaf tin, by running a sharp knife around the edges of the loaf pan to loosen it in case it is sticking. Remember greasing the loaf pan with coconut oil/ olive oil will help greatly when it is time to demould it.

23.Place the bread loaf pan on a cooling rack and let it cool well before trying to unmould it. Ta Da!

24. This is how the almond bread loaf will look once cooled. Start slicing it only once fully cooled. Use a sharp serrated bread knife to cut the loaf into slices.

25. Slices of almond bread! Enjoy.

 Note:- Ketogenic diet is highly individualized diet. So the amount of ingredients will vary as per patient’s requirements.
*Almond flour(Home made) –  Saritha has used branded almond flour in the above recipe but to make it less expensive, it can be made at home, we will tell you how to make almond flour/powder at home in next week.
So stay tuned with us.