Ketogenic Therapy Training For Doctors & Dieticians



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Asian Insitute of Ketogenic Therapy (AIKT) was set up in 2015 by Dr. J. Nathan and his team. Dr. J. Nathan is the pioneer of the use of the ketogenic diets in Asia. His team has trained over 50 teams across India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.
It aims to spread the use of the ketogenic diets for epilepsy and other neurological and non-neurological disorders.
We also wish to bring together doctors and dietitians interested in learning and using the diet. We have a ‘Whatsapp’ group which aims to share knowledge, interesting case reports and innovative recipes.
We also have a blog-
Facebook account – Janak Nathan (Sanjeev Clinic)
Facebook Page- Keto Club Asia & Purple Day India

We are glad to know of your interest in learning and using Ketogenic diets.

Here are the details of AIKD Online course:-
AIKD online course is for 1 month and divided into 4 parts for 4 weeks.
3 weeks- online learning + 1 week training at our clinic in Mumbai.

Eligibility Criteria – Qualified Doctors and dieticians practicing in hospital/clinic and are planning to set up KD clinic.

At the end of course, you will be certified as a Trained Ketogenic diet Doctor/Dietitian.

How to go about it:-
Step-1 We will be mailing the AIKT manual. It is in 3 parts.
Step-2 We will provide you each part every Mondays with a questionnaire.
Step-3 Please read the manual, solve the questionnaire and mail it back to us by Saturday.
Submit the answers as word doc file/ scanned copy and mail it to us.Also you will have a video conference with Dietitian Sonal Bailur ( 1 hr session once a week) where you can discuss your doubts and also learn KD fine tuning and KD calculation.
Step 4- On 4th week- Visit our Mumbai centre to learn the practical aspects of KD.
You will deal with actual patients and their caregivers. During the training session we will also be discussing your solved questionnaire.
This will enhance your knowledge further.
Following materials will be given to you:-
 All clinic and patients file documents
 Ketogenic diet book
 Recipe demonstration DVD

We will also provide ongoing help whenever you may need this.

For enrolment please contact our Dietitian- Dt.Sonal Bailur at
Dr. Nathan’s Sanjeev Clinic,
B-1 Rajeev CHS, Gopi Tank Road,
Behind Citylight theatre,
Next to Gurudwara,
Matunga west, Mumbai-400016.
Tel no:- 022-24459414.
Email address:-
Cell phone number of Dr. Janak Nathan +91 9892017433