Ketogenic Diet (KD) for weight loss: Awareness and Training

Ketogenic diet for weight loss is making headlines these days. The term used is “Keto Diet” and the emphasis is more on this diet as a style statement than a medical therapy.  

We have seen Ketogenic diet being promoted loosely on several websites. Side-effects are not discussed and required blood tests to detect and prevent these are not being advised or given adequate emphasis. As we cannot stop this wave of websites promoting KD we decided to at least provide the scientific basis of the KD by the Pioneering website managed by the pioneer of the ketogenic diet in Asia Dr. J Nathan.

To this end we have started a course for Ketogenic Diet and weight loss.                                        In this we impart knowledge of the therapeutic use of KD for medical conditions like uncontrolled epilepsy, cancers, Alzheimer’s etc. and also weight loss. So along with Asian Institute of ketogenic therapy (AIKT) online course for Epilepsy and other neurological disorders we have also started a course for weight loss.

We aim to spread awareness and caution people not to use this diet in an indiscriminate and unsupervised manner.

This course is only for Bariatric surgeon / cosmetologist with their dietitians. 

We have not opened it for only doctors or dietitian individually as the ideal use of this diet needs a team.

Now we (AIKT) offer 2 courses: –

  1. Ketogenic diet in epilepsy and other neurological disorder for Team of Neurologist and dietician working in hospitals/clinic.
  2. Ketogenic diet in epilepsy, other neurological disorder and weight loss for Team of Bariatric surgeon / cosmetologist with their dietitians working in hospital/clinic. 

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