Indian Keto Diet

The Indian keto diet has been designed based on the protocol of Dr. John Freeman of the John Hopkin’s Hospital. In our modified protocol for the diet we have brought about some changes which makes adaptation of the diet easier. The modifications in the diet are briefly discussed below.

No Fasting: We are able to eliminate the most difficult phase of the diet, i.e. fasting. Now, we put patients on a low carbohydrate diet, prior to starting the actual ketogenic diet, which helps body to utilize glucose stores and thus helps metabolism of fats rather than carbohydrates for formation of ketone bodies. Thus, now we start the ketogenic diet without fasting the child.

No hospitalization: We also realized that many parents were apprehensive of hospital admission of 3-4 days, and so, now we have successfully started this diet treatment on an OPD basis.

Lower Keto Ratios: In our experience, most children do not require higher ratio of fat:protein