Home Made Almond Flour

Hello everyone,

In the previous recipe- Keto Almond Bread, we used almond flour of a particular brand which is available in the market but we also mentioned that we will share the recipe for home made almond flour which will be cost effective.

So here we are with our Keto Chef Saritha’s Home made almond flour recipe, which she has demonstrated beautifully with the help of photo tutorial.

Step 1- Take around 100 gms of almond with peel.

Step 2 -Take a saucepan and fill it with around 400- 500 ml of water. Enough water to cover the Almonds completely .

Step 3-Place the water filled saucepan on the gas stove and heat till the water comes to a rolling boil.

Step 4-Next tip in the Almonds. Let it boil in the saucepan for around a minute. Please note- we are not trying to cook the Almonds, only trying to get the skin loose.

Step 5- After a minute, drain the Almonds using a sieve. If you look closely you can see the skin of the Almonds has become crinkly and loosened already.

Step 6-Next take an almond and press it gently at the broad end of the almond . The skin will literally pop off. It’s that easy !
 Step 7-Place the Almonds on a tissue and air dry it for 2-3 hours, or sun dry it for an hour to 1 1/2 hours. Next place the peeled and dried almonds in a small mixie jar.
Step 8-This picture is a few seconds after placing the Almonds in the mixie jar and a few short pulses. Please be careful when trying to powder the almonds in the mixie. Use only short pulse bursts. Do not try to grind it at a stretch,this will result in a sticky mess. Almonds as you know are oil rich, so if you aren’t careful you could end up with – Almond butter! Not almond flour. Do remember to keep scraping down the sides of the Mixie jar, as the almond powder tends to stick to the sides during the process of grinding in the mixie / food processor .
Step 9- This is the kind of fine almond powder we are looking to achieve.
Step 10-Once you feel the almond have been made into a fine powder you can stop the grinding process and tip the powder into a fine mesh sieve.
Step 11-Sieve the ground almonds through the sieve.
Step 12-Here you can see we are almost done with our sieving process.
 Step 13-The yield from the 100 gm of Almonds with peel blanched and powdered is around 78 gm.  You are now ready to make any delicious dish you want to using your home made almond flour!