Keto Basket Savoury Biscuits

Hello everyone,
Today we are exploring new soya products by Astrum Healthcare company.
Here we have used one of the products of Astrum company – Keto Basket Atta to make delicious Keto Basket Savoury Biscuits recipe:-
Ingredients as follows:-
Keto basket atta- 50 g
Amul tazza milk- 15 g
Keto wonder powder- 2 g
Butter- 68 g
All the above  ingredients are given by Dietician as per our patient’s calculation which are as follows:-
A 19 yrs old boy who is on 2750 Kcal and 3.2:1 keto ratio.
The recipes given are for per meal.
Method of preparation as follows:-
Step 1 – Ingredients
Step 2 – Weigh all the ingredients.
Step 3-Mix all the ingredients -Keto basket atta, butter, milk and ketowonder powder. Add red chilly powder, turmeric, salt and jeera as per taste.
Step 4 -Add freshly grated garlic and freshly chopped mint (pudina) leaves.Mix all the ingredients and keep in the freezer for 30 mins.
Step 5-Roll a ball from the dough, and place it on aluminium foil.
Step 6 –Place the aluminum foil with the cookie balls, in an air fryer/ oven at 180 degree Celsius, for 15 mins.
*Optional Method- Make the cookie ball and place on a non stick pan on a low flame. Cook on both the side for 5 mins. Check with the tooth pick, it should come clean so as to confirm that the biscuit is cooked from inside.
Step 7- Keto Basket Savoury Biscuits are ready to serve.
Note:- Ketogenic diet is highly individualized diet. So the amount of ingredients will vary as per patient’s requirements