Keto Basket Rabdi

Hello everyone,
Today we are exploring new soya products by Astrum Healthcare company.
Here we have used one of the products of Astrum company – Keto Basket Dal to make delicious Keto Basket Rabdi recipe:-
Ingredients as follows:-
Keto basket dal- 35 g
Amul tazza milk- 79 g
Butter- 58 g
All the above  ingredients are given by Dietician as per our patient’s calculation which are as follows:-
A 19 yrs old boy who is on 2750 Kcal and 3.2:1 keto ratio.
The recipes given are for per meal.
Method of preparation as follows:-
Step 1- Weigh all the ingredients.
Step 2-Wash keto basket Soya bean dal.
Step 3- Soak keto basket soya dal for 1 hour. 
Step 4-Place the soaked dal in the mixer grinder and make a thick paste.
Step 5-Place a non stick pan on gas at low flame. Add ghee in the pan and add soya bean dal paste. Stir continuously to avoid forming lumps.
Step 6 -Once the dal starts changing colour into slight golden brown, and starts leaving ghee from the sides, add milk , 1/2 tsp vanilla essence and sugar free as per taste.

Step 7- Stir well, and place the rabdi in a bowl. Place the rabdi bowl in pressure cooker, and cook the rabdi up to 4 whistles.

Allow it to cool and place the rabdi in the refrigerator and serve it cool. Enjoy!
Note:- Ketogenic diet is highly individualized diet. So the amount of ingredients will vary as per patient’s requirements