Ketogenic diet and Antiepileptic drugs(AEDs)

Hello everyone,

Today we would like to share case report of one of our patients on effect of Ketogenic diet on Antiepileptic drugs (AEDs).

Name:- RC

Age:- 20 yrs/ Male

Age at first Sz/ Sz onset:- 2 yrs

Type of Sz:- Focal with spread

Sz Syndrome:- Focal epilepsy with no structural lesion

Duration of diet – 2 yrs

Baseline Sz– 20/month

Post KD– nil

Medication pre KD:-

Cloba 10- 4/day

Topaz 100mg- 2 /day

Topaz 50 mg- 2/day

Trioptal 600mg- 2/day

Trioptal 300 mg- 2/day

Levera 500 mg- 3/day

Medication post KD:-

Cloba 10- 2/day

Cloba 5- 2/day

Lacoset 100 mg- 3/day

Levera 100 mg- 3/day

Topaz 100 mg- 2/day

Topaz 50 mg- 2/day

Oxetol 300mg-2/day

Highlight of this case is that the medicines (AEDs) which he was taking pre diet had no effect on the seizure reduction. Within a few months of starting him on ketogenic diet his seizures halted. He was on KD for 2 years and now we have stopped his diet. He is on much lesser medication (AED’s) and seizures have not recurred. He is leading a seizure-free life.

So a shorter than usual course KD can cool off the seizures and patients can then be controlled with less AEDs.

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  1. That was a really encouraging case. I wish we should not have stopped consultation midway for my daughter. Perhaps her seizures would not have recurred. She is again on mild kd and we hope she will improve.

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