Keto tiffins for Neuro Degenerative Disorders patients using Keto Basket products

Hello everyone,

Keto tiffins are popular among teens for weight loss. Ketogenic diet is highly individualised and is calculated and given to epilepsy or cancer patients. Preparing keto tiffins for ketogenic diet is difficult as the amount of ingredients to be used are in specific quantities and as per patient’s calculation. So Dr. J. Nathan came up with the idea of Keto Tiffin for our other neurological patients where the ketogenic diet is more flexible.

Our Dietician Saima Shaikh who is an excellent cook and a keto dietician has started Keto tiffin service with home delivery.

Here are few photos of the Keto tiffin served to our patients.

Palak Mutton
Mutton Korma
Chicken Lollipop
Keto tiffin- Soya roti, Fry fish curry, Vegetables, Salad and Buttermilk

To know more about the Keto tiffin service by Dt. Saima Shaikh please click on the link below:-


These meals were mainly prepared by using the new Keto Basket Products which are now available in Savla medico or you can order it from below contact numbers:-

  Astrum productsAmount available Price    Example of recipes preparation
Ketobasket Roti Atta 500g Rs.270 Chapati, paratha, thalipeeth, thepla
Ketobasket Sevai            150g Rs.200                 Sevai, kheer, noodles
Ketobasket Soy Flakes 300g Rs. 140 Chivda, chocolate balls

The above products are made available at Savla medico – 6, new Shreenath building, opposite to Shobha hotel, T.H. Kataria Marg, Matunga (West),    Mumbai 400016. Conatct no. 022 24456994.

For outstation patients: Please contact the dealer Ms.Felicia / Mr. James,

Contact no. 022-250132258/ 022- 25103224/ 8879170731.