In the past we posted a page on Ketogenic diet and weight loss which you can referred to in the link below. Also, we had given detailed information on the mechanism of KD in weight loss.

Today we will share 2 case studies of our patients.

  1. Ketogenic therapy in Epilepsy and weight loss.
  2. Ketogenic therapy (Modified Atkins diet) in weight loss.

Case study -1

Name :-MZ

Age: 17 yrs     

Sex: Male

Diagnosis:- Epilepsy and Class III obesity – extreme obesity

On Examination:

Reduced concentration


Duration of KD: 24 months

  Before Ketogenic diet Post Ketogenic diet
Height (cm) 170 170
Weight ( Kg) 120 71
IBW ( Kg) 70 70
BMI 41.5 24.5
Obesity Grade Class III obesity – extreme obesity Normal weight
Seizure 1-2 per month No seizures

WHO classification of obesity:

BMI (range) Classification
< 18.5 kg/m2 Underweight
18.5-24.9 kg/m2 normal weight
25.0-29.9 kg/m2 class I obesity – overweight
30.0-39.9 kg/m2 class II obesity – obesity
BMI > 40 kg/m2 class III obesity – extreme obesity

Diet Summary

  • Ketogenic diet started on 05/04/2017
  • Home Recall- 1620 Kcal
  • CHOW recall- 2235 Kcal
  • 75 % RDA- 2740 Kcal
  • We started him on 25 kcal per kg IBW i.e. 1800 Kcal, 2.5:1 keto ratio


  • Seizures have stopped
  • Diet has been stopped.
  • Has lost 49 kg in 24 months on KD. His current weight is 71 kg which is closer to his IBW of 70 kg
  • Concentration has improved and doing well in academics. Currently pursuing diploma in graphic designing.
  • More calm and composed

Modified Atkins Diet in weight loss:-

Case study -2

Name :-JT

Age: 39 yrs     

Sex: Male

Diagnosis:-  class II obesity – obesity

Duration of KD: 13 months

  Before Ketogenic diet Post Ketogenic diet
Height (cm) 180 180
Weight ( Kg) 109 83
IBW ( Kg) 80 80
BMI 33.6 25.6
Obesity Grade class II obesity – obesity class I obesity – overweight

Diet Summary

  • Modified Atkins diet recall -started on 1900 kcal , 1:1 ratio and now on 1750 Kcal, 1:1 ratio.
  • Ideal calorie should be 25kcal X  kg IBW i.e. 2000 Kcal.
    (Irit T. et al 2014)


  • Has lost 26 kg in 13 months on Modified Atkins diet. His current weight is 83 kg which is closer to his IBW of 80 kg


Irit T. et al. The obesity paradox- BMI and Beyond. Nutrition in Obesity.ESPEN 2014.

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