Hello everyone ,
We would like to share a video on demonstration of Keto pizza recipe made by our Keto Chef –

Saritha Sundari Subramaniam,
She owns a baking business, her baking venture is called “The Baker’s Nook”.
Location:Annanagar West Extension, Chennai.

Recipe ingredients are given by Dietician as per our patient’s calculation which are as follows:-
A 65 kg man who is on 
Calorie -2300 kcal; Ratio- 2:1; meals 4,

The amount of ingredients (per meal) are as follows:-
Chicken- 57 g
Onion(Fresh, not the flakes)- 10 g
Capsicum- 10 g
Mushroom- 10 g
Tomato-10 g( For Sauce)
Krunchy Nutz almond flour- 17 g
Egg- 20 g
Amul mozzarella cheese- 20 g
Britannia cream cheese- 20 g
Psyllium husk powder- 1/2-1 tsp 
Oil- 30 g
+ Butter- 15 g

*Saritha made the Keto pizza by increasing the amount of ingredients x 4* 
Ketogenic diet is highly individualized diet. So the amount of ingredients will vary as per patient’s requirements.

To view the video, please click on the link below:-