Ketogenic therapy centers for Epilepsy and Weight loss trained by Dr. Nathan and team

Diwali teaches us the importance of Diyas. The way one diya can lighten up hundreds of diyas similarly our centre has endeavoured to spread the light by training other keto centres all over ASIA through workshops spread over the last ten years. Since two years the Asian Institute of Ketogenic Diet (AIKD) started an online course to give quality training to dieticians and neurologists.

“Happiness never decreases by being shared”- Buddha

To know more about the Keto centers trained by Dr. Nathan and team ( Asian Institute of ketogenic therapy), please click on the PDF file link below:-

LSo this Diwali we will give information of trained Keto centres with AIKD certified keto dieticians and Neurologists.

Why does KD needs training?                       

Because unlike many other diets you cannot learn it from book as:-

  • It has specific indications and contra-indications
  • Can have serious side-effects
  • It is highly individualized
  • Requires expert supervision by trained dieticians and doctors
  • Requires patient and family counselling
  • Patients completely rely on the experts
  • Drop of ketones is akin to missing acute AED withdrawal and can lead to serial seizures or even status epilepticus

Dr. Nathan is the pioneer of Ketogenic diet in India and Asia. He has set up the AIKD to give authentic and extensive ketogenic diet training in Mumbai, India. In past, he has held many KD workshop in India and world-wide and recently we instituted AIKD online course.

What is the Role of workshops/Online course in spreading the use of KD ?

Different modules of workshops/ symposia organised by us:-

  • EP WORKSHOP 2005- Mumbai India                                                                                 Indo-American epilepsy workshop series – KD a part of this
  • KD WORKSHOP- Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 2009
  • KD WORKSHOP – Mumbai, India 2011
  • KD WORKSHOP – Karachi Pakistan 2015
  • KD WORKSHOP – Delhi, India 2015
  • Hands-on training at our centre – 30 teams have been trained since 2006

Asian workshops and centres opened after these:-

30-40 KD clinics have been set up at various centres in India, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Pakistan following our workshops.

So we would like to share the centres we have trained and inspired for starting a ketogenic diet clinic in India.

Here we have highlighted the places on Map of India.

So find out your city on the map below and contact us to check the details of the location of trained keto centre with the names and contact details of Keto dietician and Neurologist.

Map showing all the KD centres

Hope your Diwali will be more special!!