First Ketogenic Diet Webinar: Recorded Video- 28th June 2020

Hello Everyone,

We had an overwhelming response to the world’s first keto webinar on 28th June 2020. Unfortunately, the number of participants was limited to 500 and around 150 could not attend.

We have the recorded video of the webinar for those who missed it. Please find the link below:

Quick Links:

0:00:01 Introduction

0:02:41 Keynote Address By Dr. Ingrid Scheffer

0:33:12 Case Presentation By Dr. Omnia El-Rashidy

0:51:50 Case Presentation By Dr. Sumitha Murugesu

1:07:17 Case Presentation By Dr. Sophie Calvert

01:23:29 Case Presentation By Dr. Jianxiang Liao

01:36:02 Case Presentation By Dt. Sonal Bailur

01:49:29 Keynote Address By Dr. J Nathan