Change From Asian Institute Of ‘ketogenic Diet’ To ‘ketogenic Therapy’

Hello Everyone, 
We are here to announce that we are modifying the name of our institution from ‘Asian institute of Ketogenic diet’ to “Asian Institute of Ketogenic therapy”.
As you can see it is  just one word change but very important change as now a days term “Diet” is taken casually by Patients and they treat Ketogenic diet as any other diet. These other diets are not  rigid and  temporary laxity of such diets does not result in loss of efficacy unlike in KD. For example in KD, even 1 chocolate can give rise to serious breakthrough in seizures
This results in low compliance and this attitude can also be very dangerous towards ketogenic diet.
Whereas if we treat Ketogenic diet as a treatment then the patient’s approach will change towards it.
So hence forth we will name it as “Ketogenic Therapy” instead of Ketogenic diet.