Keto Jeju 2018 Poster Presentation

Hello everyone,

We are glad to announce that Dr. Nathan and team had submitted 4 abstracts and all the 4 abstracts have been selected/accepted for poster presentation at 6th Global Symposium on KETOGENIC THERAPIES FOR NEUROLOGICAL DISORDERS (KETO 2018) which will be held in Jeju, Korea from October 5- 9, 2018,

Dr. Nathan and team includes: –

Dr. Janak Nathan (Neurophysician, Member of ILAE (International Epilepsy) Task Force and pioneer of Ketogenic diet therapy in India)

Team of Dieticians: –

Dt. Dhanashri Khedekar Kale

Dt. Sonal Bailur

Dt. Vidula Naik

Dt. Foram Thakker

In this Symposium, Dr. Nathan has been invited as an International Speaker and Dt. Sonal Bailur will be representing on behalf of our team for poster presentation. She has also received the Travel Bursary Award.

Please click on the link below:-

We would like to share the abstracts titles which are as follow: –

  1. Efficacy and Tolerability of Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil Therapy in Progressive Supranuclear Palsy Patients: Open Label Non-Randomized Trial
  2. Efficacy and Tolerability of Ketogenic Diet Therapy in Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Patients: A Clinical Case Series
  3. Ketogenic Diet in a patient with Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis: A Case Report
  4. Use of Ketogenic Diet in Secondary Dystonia Patient: A Case Report

Soon we will share and update our website with the poster presentation of above abstract titles.

So, stay tuned with us.

To know more about the 6th Global Symposium on KETOGENIC THERAPIES FOR NEUROLOGICAL DISORDERS (KETO 2018), please click on the link below:-